Sports Injuries


123-2Five years ago I was battling a very sore Achilles that was not allowingme to compete or train in track-and-field. A fellow athlete mentioned acupuncture and Simon Peter to me. I was apprehensive as, up to then, physiotherapy had not worked. But I went for three months–about 20 sessions. The result: a silver medal in triple Jump at the World Master Games in Italy, and a personal best performance. Two years later I am battling the achilles issue again; I am trying everything but nothing is working. I go see Simon Peter, and within four weeks the pain is gone and I am training again. I don’t understand it, but it works. Thanks Simon Peter. –S. Foster, President, BI Pure Water, Inc


12234 I am a masters athlete (40+) training six days per week for Track and Field competition. I had never been to acupuncture before but after struggling through several months of lower back pain and painful achilles issues, (with built up scar tissue in both ankles), I was recommended to the Simon Acupuncture & Healing Clinic by my coach.

Skeptical and fearful at first, I quickly came to appreciate (and relax) after a consultation with Simon Peter. Treatment started right away and I always left each session feeling refreshed and steadily saw signs of improvement until eventually, the scar tissue and pain from my achilles was no longer present. Health and Well-Being was always the overall focus and Simon Peter offers many ways to live a healthy lifestyle of which, many suggestions I have implemented into my daily lifestyle.

In addition to my previous achilles issues, I have also visited for lower back pain as well as nerve and muscle tension. I was never made to feel that I was limited by paid time constraints. Simon Peter is genuinely concerned about your well being and he portrays this in the service provided.

Being injury free for an athlete is high on the priority list and without the work done to alleviate (and eventually heal) the pain, I would not have been able to continue training (let alone compete). I can not express how greatful and thankful I am for the professional care, time and attention provided to me. I would encourage anyone interested in their health and well being to visit with Simon Peter and see for yourself the benefits he has to offer you in YOUR life. –Sam Walker, Master Athlete


1I am an athlete in my late 40s who has to deal with the usual wear and tear on my muscles, tendons and bones.  I have received treatment from Simon Peter since early 2015 for issues ranging from a pulled calf muscle, bone spur and plantar fasciitis.  He has been able to resolve those issues so I can go back to my sport.  My latest issue was my IT band.  I have had this problem for a while but tried to resolve it with stretching and foam roller.  Once the IT band problem included my gluteus, I knew I had to get treatment.

Time to see Simon Peter.  It only took moments for Simon Peter to discover that the IT band problem was a result of a hip issue.  He found a knot in my hip I didn’t know was there.  After the first session, there was marked improvement in mobility and of course a dramatic reduction in pain.  The second session and the magic really started to happen.  IT band pain was reduced.   I don’t think I fully realized just how long I had been functioning with a troubled IT band.   I am amazing with just how much my mobility has improved.

If I have troubles with my pain in the future, I will call Simon Peter because I am quite satisfied not only with the results, but also his kind, encouraging approach to the treatment of my affliction.

-Sharon Evans, Sprinter and Horizontal jumper


4Simon Peter provides a very comprehensive treatment regime. My treatments for various injuries, aches and pains include a combination of acupuncture, acupressure and cupping. Simon Acupuncture is much more than just acupuncture.

I am a 70 year athlete who competes in track and field and pickleball. I occasionally manage to hurt myself (usually when I do the long jump!).

The treatments are comprehensive and extensive.  Simon Peter always allocates the time and effort to ensure I received the care required.  Recently, I pulled a quad muscle in advance of the Canadian Masters Track and Field competition.  He provided treatment and I was able to win the hammer, discus and javelin competitions and come second in the high jump- all without pain.

I highly recommend the treatment and service. –David Ulis, Mater Athlete


Acute/Chronic Pain

I had stiffness and pain in my neck and right shoulder for a year. Because of pain, I could not sleep well at night. I could not raise my right arm more than 90 degrees. My stress level was very high. In 2013, I was introduced to Simon Peter by a friend. He told me it would take some time to get better, but he will try his best. Initially, I came to see him twice a week. Within two weeks, I could raise my shoulder more than 90 degrees. The pain was much reduced. A month later, he recommended me to combine with weight training. I was very scared to go to gym, but during the exercise, I realized that joint and muscle in my right shoulder worked fine. I gained the confidence. In two months, I was able to raise my shoulder. The pain was gone. Simon Peter told me to continue exercise with confidence. I am still doing the exercise. I feel great about my body condition. Thanks to Simon Peter- Gwang Soo Kim

Simon peter gave me acupuncture and acupressure for my backache last year. I felt better almost instantly after. My back continued to get better and better each day. I was totally pain free within 3 days. Since then, I’ve been going to see Simon peter for other aches and pains, and I am very happy with the wonderful results. Simon peter and his staff are very friendly and professional. My family and I will continue to go to Simon Acupuncture and Healing Clinic in the future. Thanks– Vinny Li

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, the wonderful practitioner, Simon Peter, who have the sincere desire and expertise to help those who are seeking true wellness– Zealer Cortes


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